5 Things To Love About The New York Coffee Festival

Before jumping in all crazy about the festival, I’d like to talk a little bit about coffee itself and how it shaped the society and culture. Coffee is proven to improve energy level and make you smarter, and that’s why variety of conversations often happen at coffee shops. Back in the 15th century, coffeehouses were called “Schools of the Wise” in Saudi Arabia because that’s where people exchanged news and discussed everything. It had the same effect when coffee was introduced to Europe in the 1600s. The book “A History of The World in 6 Glasses,” said that coffeehouses became centers of intellectual exchange.

Coffeehouse appeared to stimulate the freedom of speech and also provide an open atmosphere for discussion among people from different classes. Even until today, coffee shops are still the third place for everyone, and coffee continues to be an organic source of new ideas and innovation.

At the end of the day, the root of all the coffee culture goes back to one single thing: coffee. In order to create a good cup of coffee, it requires good coffee beans, roasters, equipments, and baristas. That’s why coffee festivals are important for coffee lovers and the industry because it gathers everyone to learn trends and stay connected.

Photo From Instagram @hedonistshedonist

Last Sunday the second annual NY Coffee Festival came to a successful end .More than 70 refined coffee, food, and equipment brands (including Cafe Grumpy, La Marzocco, Bluestone Lane Coffee, Toby’s Estate, and Pacific Foods) participated. What makes The New York Coffee Festival different from other festivals is its core message of enjoying coffee and connecting with global top brands instead of trying to hard sell the products.

With live music, coffee inspired arts, unlimited fantastic coffee, coffee-based cocktails, all the interactive workshops and demonstrations from world-class baristas and so much more, this was an unmissable caffeinated event if you are a coffee lover like me.

Photo From The New York Coffee Festival Official Website
Coffee Inspired Arts Photo From Instagram @lolnewby

Despite the heat (yeah… no AC at 69th Regiment Armory), everyone still seemed very excited when walking around and tasting coffee from different famous roasters. After exploring and taking advantage on endless coffee tasting, here are 5 things I found worth highlighted that you wouldn’t want to miss if you were there.

Latte Art Live: Make Your Latte Art Experience
Every thirty minutes there would be a Latte Art Live hosted by world’s famous latte artists like Dritan Alsela, a German barista owned Bazzar Caffe. Each session included 20 minutes of hands-on demonstration on the techniques to create a masterpiece of latte art and the chance to make one instructed by the latte artists.

Latte Art Live Corner, Photo From Instagram @pingcoffeehopping
Latte Art Live, Photo From Instagram @hr.nao5
Dritan Alsela Instructing Latte Art, Photo From Instagram @coffeenyc_riza

Coffee Masters: World’s Best Barista Tournament
Coffee Masters is a tournament for global baristas taking place annually in New York and London. I was lucky enough to get there around 4 PM on Sunday and witness the final round when all the finalists were competing head-to-head for the Coffee Master title and the prize of $5,000. The winner, Yuko Inoue, is a UK based barista from Timberyarduk who was also in second place in this April’s competition in London.

Coffee Masters, Photo From Instagram @marek.kalianko
Coffee Masters Winner Yuko Inoue, Photo From Instagram @timberyarduk
Latte Art By Yuko Inoue At The Festival, Photo From Instagram @mayhammai

The Lab: Interactive Sessions From Industry Experts
The Lab featured a variety of topics lined-up by industry experts providing insights ranging from new trends, coffee history, tips for setting up a coffee shop, to new brewing techniques and tasting. It was nothing like sitting in a classroom but interactive workshops leading by people who know well and are still active in the industry.

The Lab, Photo From Instagram @thezicqua

Steampunk Brew Bar: When Technology Meets Coffee Brewing
Alpha Dominche brought two Steampunk brewing machines to the festival, and it caught my eyes immediately. The Steampunk has unique brew parameters resulting in precise and balanced flavor for a perfect cup of coffee. They demonstrated how it worked by having guest roasters including Cafe Grumpy, Devocion, and Toby’s Estate.

Photo From Alpha Dominche Official Instagram
Alpha Dominche Steampunk, Photo From Instagram @martinrode

Creative Booths Design
Last but not least, one I enjoyed a lot at the festival was how they put their heart into both coffee and the booth. When I traveled back and forth to different brands, it felt like I walked into their coffee shop with unique personality instead of a plain and boring desk.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery, Photo From Instagram @killanoodles
Toby’s Estate
Grecory’s Coffee, Photo From Instagram @jonathan_castrillon

All in all, it was a great experience to meet and interact with fellow coffee lovers and top baristas from all over the world, and on top of that, you get to taste as much coffee as you can from top roasters and coffee shops.

Hope you enjoyed the festival as much as me, and I’ll see you there next year. Cheers!

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