9 Best Coffee/Tea Shops For Co-Working in SF

Working in a coffee shop has been a trend for years, and there are many reasons why you should work in a coffee shop, but the most important thing is that coffee is not just coffee, it’s the experience of being stimulated by the environment and meeting new people.

You may have your favorite coffee shop already, but it is always good to have an extra pocket list for emergency situations such as the place is packed, in a different neighborhood, or just simply want to try new places!

No matter you are digital nomads or looking for co-working space with a good cup of coffee, here are five things that are essential.

1. Caffeine (what keeps us alive)

2. WiFi (duh of course!)

3. Power outlets (what keeps our devices alive)

4. Food (something as simple as salads so never need to leave for food)

5. Alcohol beverage (one glass of wine or beer may boost your creativity)

No more Yelping around! We listed out 9 perfect local coffee shops with free WiFi in San Francisco for you:

1. Workshop Cafe (Belden Place)

Address: 180 Montgomery St

Hours: Weekdays 6AM to 10PM, Weekends 10AM to 10PM

Photo from Workshop Cafe Instagram

Workshop Cafe is designed for co-working, and it has everything you need including Stumptown coffee, beer, wine, breakfast, and a wide range of food options, and of course, tons of outlets and chargers for all devices. WiFi is free in the front lounge and patio, and they also offer paid workspace option ($2/hr).

Coffee & Beverage: $1 to $6 including water, coffee menu, tea, and soda

Food: $2.5 to $13.5 including pastries, breakfast, soup, sandwiches, salads, and snacks.

Alcohol Beverage: $6 to $12 including beer and wine.

Note: Happy hour is from 5p-7p, $1 off beer & $2 off wine

2. Coffee Bar (Mission)

Address: 1890 Bryant St

Hours: Weekdays 7AM to 5PM, Weekends 8AM to 5PM

Photo from Coffee Bar official website

Coffee bar is a good place to work and hang out because of their lofted seating area and outside patio. Coffee bar can definitely satisfy your caffeine and snack craving with their full selection. Besides the typical coffee menu, they also offer specialty coffee such as Havana latte, Cortado, or Nitro which are loved by their loyal customers.

Coffee & Beverage: $2.5 to $5.25 including espresso, drip coffee, latte, red eye, specialty, and more

Food: $2 to $14 including bagels, toast, sandwich, breakfast burrito, salads, soups, and specials.

Note: It might not be a perfect place for a phone meeting since it’s a little echo-y and gets crowded sometimes.

3. Another Cafe (Nob Hill)

Address: 1191 Pine St

Hours: Weekdays 6AM to 10PM, Weekends 7AM to 9PM

Photo from Yelp

If you want to be surrounded by wall arts while working, Another Cafe is the place to go! It also has two levels of seating with lots of outlets all over the cafe. It’s also good for people who need to start the day as early as 6 AM. From the name to the decor, it gives a strong hipster vibe, so put it on your pocket list if that’s something would inspire you.

Coffee & Beverage: $2 to $5 including espresso, latte, mocha, americano, chocolate, chai latte, tea, and more

Food: $2 to $7.5 including bagels, paninis, breakfast sandwich, salads, and cookies.

Note: If you plan to go there on Sunday, make sure to get there by 11 AM or you might not be able to score a table.

4. Mercury Cafe (Hayes Valley)

Address: 201 Octavia Blvd

Hours: Weekdays 7AM to 5PM, Weekends 8AM to 5PM

Photo from Mercury Cafe official website

A local coffee shop offers direct-roasted coffee. It’s spacious and has plenty of tables indoor and some outdoor with plenty of outlets and reliable wifi. The large windows make it a bright and airy space. They have a relatively wide range of food menu including breakfast, sandwich, and soup.

Are you happen to be a sustainable agriculture supporter? The ingredients they use are organic and produced in California. They also listed out the suppliers on their website (link: http://www.mercurycafe.net/menu/).What’s more? They also have beer and wine!

Coffee & Beverage: $2 to $5 including pour-over, french press, latte, mocha, tea, chocolate and more.

Food: $2.25 to $12 including breakfast, sandwich, and soup.

Alcohol beverage: $2.75 to $6 including beer and wine

Note: Their home-made scone is a must try, but you better get there e because it’s early because it will be sold out fast!

5. Joy’s Place (Lower Nob Hill)

Address: 611 Post St

Hours: Weekdays 8AM to 12AM, Weekends 9AM to 12AM

Photo from Yelp

Have a project due by midnight and looking for a place has coffee, food, and dessert? Joy’s Place opens late and has sufficient menu to help you get through the day! A great place to work or study. It has tons of outlets and individual tables to give you a little privacy.

Coffee & Beverage: $2 to $4.5 including drip coffee, espresso, latte, Dutch coffee and more

Food: $7.5 or $8.5 Only serve panini

Dessert: $7 or $8 including waffle, honey bread, red bean shaved ice, and green tea shaved ice

Note: good for work alone or with less than 4 people

6. Chai Bar by David Rio (Civic Center)

Address: 1019 Market St

Hours: M — W 7:30AM to 6:30PM, Thu to Fri 7:30AM to 7:30PM, Sat 11AM to 6PM, Sun 11AM to 5PM

Photo from Yelp

Are you a Chai lover? You should definitely check this place out! Their amazing Chai selection covered every type of Chai you can think of, and besides Chai latte, they also have Chai with espresso or boba. Other beverage includes tea, typical coffee menu, wine, beer, and even sake. The place is spacious with enough outlets.

Coffee & Beverage: $2.75 to $6.25 including variety of Chai latte, regular coffee menu, and tea

Food: $1.5 to $5.25 including pastries, yogurt, salads, sandwich, and more

Alcohol Beverage: $6 to $15 including beer, wine, and sake

Note: Happy Hour starts at 3 serving $5 tap beer and wine. They sell wine & sake by bottle as well.

7. Brioche Cafe (Chinatown/North Beach)

Address: 210 Columbus Ave

Hours: Everyday 7AM to 8PM

Photo from Yelp

Brioche specializes in their breakfast menu including quiche or something heavy as omelettes, so if you prefer to have good food in your stomach before starting the day, this is the place to go. They have both inside and outside seating, but you may want to choose outside after the morning crowd burns off.

Food: $4.95 to $12 including soups, panini, sandwich, salads, tartine, and brunch selection.

Note: They may not be the one providing the most outlets, but you can find it in the corner by the window.

8. The Station (Financial District)

Address: 596 Pacific Ave

Hours: Weekdays 7:30AM to 6PM, Weekends 9AM to 3:30PM

Photo from Yelp

They serve fresh food daily from scratch including avocado toast, panini, and more. They are also using Sightglass coffee and trained with Sightglass team, a local specialty coffee roaster. The place is clean and has enough tables, and it also has a big table in the middle which is good for a group meeting.

Coffee & Beverage:$3 to $5 including espresso, latte, pour-over, tea, and more.

Food: $2.25 to $14.95 including yogurt, oatmeal, breakfast selection, soups, salads, and sammies.

Note: No Wifi for lunch hour from 11:30AM to 1:30PM

9. Asha Tea (Financial District/Union Sq)

Address: 17 Kearny St

Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM to 7PM, Sun 11AM to 6PM

Photo from Asha Tea official website

Feel like to change the mood and opt for some tea? Unlike other boba tea places where are usually noisy and tiny, Asha Tea has a variety tea menu specializing in Fruit tea, Milk tea, Matcha tea, Pure tea, and Tisane tea. Asha Tea is an elegant tea place. They use pure powder for their matcha and even go extra mile whisking it at your table. The place is modern and cozy but not too crowded, and outlets are often under the seats.

Coffee & Beverage: $4 to $6.5 including specialty tea.

Food: Pastries

Note: This place is not for over-sweetened boba tea drinkers but for real tea people

Hope the provided information is helpful for your WiFi coffee shop hunting, and don’t forget to let us know your feedback after your visit.

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