Coffee is not just coffee.

Coffee shops offer us more than just the cup of coffee. That’s exactly why I enjoy going there. Besides the coffee, it’s the experience I get out of it that I look forward to. There are different factors that contribute to the experience including the space, the little touches that add up to the character, the people, and even the collective noise.

It’s no surprise coffee shops are becoming the third place. You might ask, what exactly is this third place? Essentially, the first place is automatically our home and the second place is our workplace because these are where we usually spend most of our time at. With the increasing number of people going to coffee shops spending quite some time in it to accomplish different tasks, these coffee shops easily become the third place.

The remarkable thing about coffee shops is that people can go there for different reasons. It’s a great place for conversation or for simply a quick catch-up. It’s very relaxed and not at all intimidating. It’s comfortable enough to sit with someone and spend quite some time with to just enjoy the moment. Coffee shops are also an effective place to be productive. Personally, I choose to work at coffee shops because I get more things done rather than staying at home. They also give off the vibe to be productive, and so my mindset changes from being too comfortable to being motivated.

Coffee is definitely no longer just coffee; it has now become a medium for experience be it just by yourself or with other people.

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