Something For Craft Coffee And Tea Makers

One of the things any coffee or tea lover looks forward to in San Francisco is the impressive number of shops that you could visit whether it’s for caffeine, working purposes or both. San Francisco is home to good coffee and tea shops, so good they’ve even become tourist destinations not for the hype but for the quality and experience you get out of it.

GoGoGuest is a startup based in San Francisco with some Angel funding from friends and family. We’re a small team of 6 building what we believe is essential for merchants to run their independent coffee or tea businesses well and grow their revenue, while helping them keep the customer experience relevant to the changing needs of digital nomads and mobile workers.

The way we work is changing, and cafés are increasingly becoming the go-to place to get work done, catch up with colleagues and meet people that may be potential collaborators on a project. The growing number of mobile workers we see gathering in these places is a testament to that. TechCrunch recently wrote that “as national chains continue to grow, local businesses are disappearing”, and so we aim to alleviate this decline in small businesses by helping them with a product solution to keep their operations running. Our purpose is to simplify the burdensome operational hassles of running a business, so independent coffee makers can focus on pouring love into their craft.

We are working with a handful of specialty independent merchants in San Francisco to build, test and refine our merchant solution. While the customer apps will be available to users in a handful of cities and regions. Curious yet? We are accepting applications for you to become part of our merchant community. To learn how we’re helping independent coffee and tea bars grow, download the GoGoGuest merchant brochure for free!

About GoGoGuest:

GoGoGuest is a small business mobile and cloud focused startup based in San Francisco. Today, we’re building what we think is a modern Cafe SaaS solution for merchants and their customers. We’d love you to join us on this journey. Stay in touch if you are a merchant or someone who loves to travel, work and discover places with incredible craft coffee or tea.