Helsinki in Wintertime (photo: Expedia)

We’re Fired Up For Slush!

At GoGoGuest, we love the snow and mountains! Both our co-founders Jessica Valenzuela and Chris O’Connor are natural snow adventurers who travel to mountains in Tahoe, Los Angeles, Oregon, New York, Vermont, Main, Colorado and Utah for incredible snowboard adventures. This winter season, they hope to add Helsinki, Finland to the list.

We’re fired up to be one of the teams in Silicon Valley to board the the Slush Flight with some of the recognizable names in technology this side of the world including, Dave McClure, Steve Jurvetson, and Arielle Zuckerberg. We are thrilled to to attend this event. It is our first time to visit Helsinki, and we cannot wait to snowboard and hang with Santa!

Slush is Europe’s leading technology conference for startups and technology. The conference offers a unique platform where startups can showcase their companies to a global audience. Last year, there were 1,700 startups attended, and nearly 6,000 investor-startup meetings.

For companies that want to be on top of the technology innovation, Slush is a perfect place for exploring the emerging technology trends and connecting with startups. The event offers a variety of opportunities such as product launches or open innovation challenges. Companies can also take place in industry-specific networking events by registering on Slush Enterprise Registration.

Are you fired up yet?! We are!

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