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Why Is Managed Merchant WiFi Essential For Your Small Business?

WiFi is everywhere. It is like air. We seek it and need it at all times, anywhere we go. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. We use WiFi all the time. The challenge: WiFi experience varies from your home, in the office or while you’re out between meetings or surfing. There are steps being made to change this, yet we are not near any real solution that offers an impeccable experience. We’re solving a part of this problem that impacts small business merchants like coffee shops, tea bars and craft brew places.

Everyone expects their coffee shops, tea bars and restaurants they engage or interact with to offer free WiFi. Merchants are fearful that they will lose customers if they do not offer open and free WiFi access. At Starbucks, the largest quick serve coffee merchant brand in the world, “free WiFi brings new customers to Starbucks, but with complications. We surveyed 30 independent coffee shop owners and managers here the top 4 problem areas they continue to manage with open and free WiFi access:

  1. Neighboring offices are using their open and free WiFi without making any purchase or being physically in our store. The result, our WiFi becomes slow for our customers and there is no way for me to control or manage this without chaning the username and password daily.
  2. Customers will purchase 1 coffee for $4.00 to $6.00 then over stay for 4–7 hours without purchasing additional items. They use our WiFi and occupy valuable real-estate. It prevents us from gaining any new transactions.
  3. Merchants complain that “our establishment is “constantly full with customers” from 7AM up to 7PM, while transactions remain low throughout the day.
  4. A co-working space with a coffee bar lounge to attract new members shared that “they get walk-ins who bring their own coffee then sit down to work and use our WiFi.”

Sounds familiar?

After closely observing in multiple coffee shops and being someone who loves travel and prefers to create while in a coffee shop or tea bar, we saw gaps in the technology, operational flaws and customer experience. This is the specific problem we’re addressing.

Building For The Independent Coffee and Tea Bar Merchants

Everyday when I walk past our neighborhood coffee shops, The Station, Cafe Brioche, Reveille, The Beacon to name a few, I’m completely fascinated to see people with their laptops deep in surfing the Internet as early as 7AM. It is business as usual, yet when you do the math the number of customers after the 7–10AM hustle and bustle remains high, while the cash register is not ringing in any new orders or transactions. We at GoGoGuest believe we can elevate this experience for the merchant while keeping their customers happy.

Independent coffee shops and tea bars remain to be accessible to startups. The segment is proven to be an audience open to trying and adopting new technology to operate and grow their business.

We’re releasing the MVP of our solution in 3 San Francisco locations by late August. While the soft-launch of the merchant mobile app is underway. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates!

How Are We Solving The Issues Around Merchant WiFi?

We’re building a connected hardware, cloud and mobile technologies, we are giving independent coffee shop and tea bar owners the power to easily set controls on how and when their WiFi is accessed by their customers. With GoGoGuest, merchants can manage these controls with one tap and provide real-time offers to in-store customers and potential customers who are near them. We are sharing more as we softly launch the first part of our solution. If you’re a merchant and would love to learn more immediately, feel free to sign-up here.

Our first product will roll out in multiple markets, while the MVP of our full solution will be available in 3 San Francisco locations by the end of August. After which, we will decide to either raise our Seed via crowdfunding or institutional investments to deliver the product.

As we develop our product, we’d love to hear from independent coffee shops, tea bars, cafes and craft brew pub owners about how free Wifi is helping or hurting your business. All conversations are confidential.

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